Unicorn Cafe

Hey everybody. Welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. How are we all this fine US election day? So it seems Mr Trump has indeed bagged the Presidency and will soon be chief executive officer of the most powerful country in the world? What do you all make of that then? I am not sure as yet myself. But we certainly have interesting times ahead, that is for certain. Anyway, I digress. Let us get back on topic. Have you all signed up for my newsletter yet by the way? If you would like to receive it on a monthly basis be sure to sign up using your email address via the optin form. So anyway, talking of a world gone mad, some friends of mine were recently in Southeast Asia and posted some photos of themselves dressed up as unicorns (of all things) in a cafe decorated with unicorns. Predictably it was called the Unicorn Cafe, (fancy that). Now for me, this represents a very surreal niche in entertainment. I mean it is borderline bizarre. But they are doing good business by all accounts so I guess there must be a market for that kind of stuff. But what is it that we need to push the boundaries of normality to such levels to keep ourselves entertained? Is it as a result of the sheer sensory overload that we all experience on a daily basis in the modern age? I think that could well be the answer. What bizarre entertainment experiences have you had of late? Been to any cat cafes or trampoline parks? What happened to the cinema followed by a pint at the pub? I must be getting old I guess.

Anyways, thanks for reading once again. I’ll catch up with you all soon.