Hello again! Yesterday I had my fourth pottery class and, on this occasion, we were attempting to make small dipping bowls for sauces, or whatever one chooses to use a dipping bowl for really.  My pottery attempts have been mostly failure so far but I was sure that a tiny bowl would be easy even for someone as clumsy with the clay as me.  Our teacher, Mary, knocked up 7 or 8 bowls in a few minutes in order to demonstrate how simple they are to make. This made it all the more embarrassing when each of my attempts resembled a lump of coal. To make matters worse, my team mates all managed to create something that looked like a bowl, at least in terms of shape but not necessarily prettiness. I’ve always wanted to give pottery a go and thought it would be something I’d have some skill for. From doing this class, I’ve learnt that thinking you would enjoy something and actually being any good at it are not necessarily synonymous with one another.  What the class has taught me, however, is that I couldn’t give two hoots about how good I am. I love going to the classes. Our teacher Mary is so lovely and patient with me and my fellow classmates and I have a good laugh about my terrible creations, all in good humor. We have also started going for a drink at a local bar together after the class. I thoroughly enjoy this because my classmates are all great fun and we share many similar interests. I shall definitely carry on with the class, regardless of how terrible I am. Who knows, perhaps I shall pick it up one of these days and, in the meantime, my classmates and I get to have a good laugh and my grandson will continue to receive lots of fossilised ‘dinosaur poop’ in the mail!