Museum of Anthropology in Van


Hey there guys, welcome back to my Arts blog!  Today I wanted to tell you about an amazing Museum I visited whilst I was over in Canada.  My favourite museum that I went to in Canada was the Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.  It is a world renowned Museum, known in particular for its arts and cultural work by the First Nation band governments across the Pacific Northwest.  There are hundreds and thousands, actually probably hundreds of thousands of pieces throughout the museum some hidden away in drawers for you to discover and fawn over.  


When i visited the museum, the main exhibition was one by a Vancouver artist, Paul Yuxweluptun, of Coast Salish and Okanagan descent.  His works look at the confrontations between the suppression of the First Nations people, and the continual struggles for their rights to lands, resources and sovereignty.  Working mainly in paint, Paul Yuxweluptun uses traditional Native American imagery which fights against the imagery of a modern society.  He looks at what the modern struggles his people are facing, and how these issues are being tackled.  As someone who is rather ignorant of the struggle of the First Nations people I found the exhibition to be a great introduction of one side of the struggle, and it opened up many discussions and debates about the situation and resolutions.  It also looks at other struggles we all face with the natural world being ruined, and the ‘predator oil barons’ we have all heard of.


craazy art

The museum is definitely worth making a visit out to if you’re in British Columbia.  A great place to take children and to explore for adults of all ages.  I can’t wait to go back when I’m next in the country.