Museo Atlantico 


Museo Atlantico is a new underwater curation from British underwater sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor. It recently became open to public scuba divers and snorkellers, a short swim from the coast of Lanzarote, in the Spanish Canary Islands. Taylor is renowned for his exceptional underwater sculptures depicting how powerful the oceans are and human interaction with nature.


The museum hosts over 400 life like sculptures, resting on the ocean floor. Taylor, also an award winning underwater photographer, already has a collection of sustainable artworks submerged off the coast of Mexico and another off the coast of Grenada in the Carribean. The latter having the accolade of one of National Geographic’s 25 wonders of the world. All of Taylor’s underwater sculptures are artificial reefs, helping to regenerate damaged sea life. He trys to convey stories of climate change, with true to life characters.


Museo Atlantico’s sculptures are built from a material that enhances and repairs coral and attracts more sea life in general for feeding purposes. Taylor has worked on this display for the past 2 years and is quite rightly excited to observe it’s popularity. A percentage of tourists entrance fees are given to help sustain local marine life also. The exhibition has groups of pieces depicting each story with the most impressive being the Rubicon. The Rubicon consists of 35 human size sculpture figures all walking towards a wall called The Point of No Return.


Snorkeller or diver, this exhibition is not only extremely environmentally friendly, but also very, very cool!

Underwater curation