Hi, my name is Catherine and I have decided to start writing a blog about my newfound passion for the arts. I have recently taken early retirement, at just 57 years young, and I’ve been keeping myself busy by watching plays at the local theatre, joining a pottery class, teaching myself to draw and paint, purchasing pieces of art for my home, listening to more contemporary music and going to watch bands live, amongst all the 20 somethings! My husband and I divorced 3 years ago and my children are grown and living in different states but fortunately I have a small group of fantastic female friends who often accompany me on my jaunts. I have also started learning more about using computers and thought it would be a jolly good idea to combine both of my new hobbies by writing a blog about my own recent McConaissance.  I really do feel that my life has taken the turn of Get Set Go and I’m ready to run with it!