Hey fans of all things arts and entertainment, welcome back to my blog! I recently saw one of the best comedy specials I have seen in a long time, and it one of the Netflix produced specials. I watched Bo Burnham Make Happy last week and I really, really liked it. His mix of dry humor, self awareness and musical talent makes for a wonderful show that you just want to keep going.  He ends the show by saying that he hopes he made the audience happy, with the most sincere smile I have ever seen. 

Life, Death and Happiness

In this special Bo tackles some very touchy and difficult concepts, but ones we are all familiar with and all have had to deal with. A major element of the show is happiness, both the desire of ours to make others happy and our denial to allow ourselves to be happy. One song titled ‘Kill Yourself” on the outside seems like an irrational and rude approach to someone contemplating suicide but in reality is more of an anthem for depression, stating how you shouldn’t take the one lined advice a song; you shouldn’t Roar, or be Brave, or Kill yourself. 

Kanye West

At the end of the show, Bo Burnham took a move out of Kanye West’s book and did a 7 minute rant/song about things that annoy him in life after seeing Kanye West do the same thing at one of his recent shows. Instead of talking about issues with expensive t-shirts not selling, Bo spent this time talking about his hand not fitting inside a Pringles can and how ridiculous that is,  before talking about a burrito at Chipotle that never got to live out its life as a burrito because he ordered too much ingredients.

Bo Burnham