Best Sci-Fi Universes of all Time

Hey everyone, how are you all doing this fine April day? Welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog, where I talk about the coolest things in art and, well entertainment. I was just watching the new Star Wars movie (you know how much of a movie buff I am from my post on hidden messages in movies) , and was wondering how amazing it would be to live in the Star Wars universe. People put such thought into these worlds and solar systems and some of them seem so cool! So, I decided to head on over to and find some books and movies with amazing sci-fi universes. Down below is my top picks from movie, books, and television. Get, set, go!


Star Wars

Of course Star Wars is the top of the list. This series has had so many people write so much about the different planets, solar systems and galaxies that form the Star Wars universe that no matter what you are looking for, you will find it. I wanted to find where my fit would be in the Star Wars universe, so I went to and picked out a couple different comics to try and find my place. Unfortunately, I am still looking. If you want to find your place in the Star Wars universe, then perhaps check out the info available on

e Star Wars Space


Did you know that Joss Whedon directed a full season of a western sci-fi TV show before moving onto the Avengers? Firefly didn’t attract much attention from fans when it was first came onto the TV in 2002. The show did gather a lot of attention after being cancelled, so much that they even made a made a film in 2005. Now, the show and movie are such a cult icon that you can even get a loot crate for it! My subscription lapsed during that period, so I had to buy a firefly shirt from which is pretty amazing.

 Firefly Cast


I thought I should finish this off with a video game. The Borderlands series is set in a galaxy with robots, humans, and strange alien monster (as well as zombies). No matter what kind of enemy you want to fight, this series has it. Sure, there has already been an apocalypse and the human race is degrading to the point where the only people having fun are exploiting others or selling guns, but that isn’t too far from today's world. The only real issue is that everyone, including you, insane.

 Borderlands Salvador

Get Lost in Another World

If you have never seen the universes I am talking about, then what are you still doing here? Head online and take a look at these amazing sci-fi universes, and maybe even buy some movies to watch so you can take it in more. I hope you all enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you want to read another post that is like this one, then feel free to check out what I wrote on art exhibitions in London. See you later everyone.