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One of my favourite things to do on a whim is to re-decorate my entire house.  I don’t even really entirely think the thought process through before I’m out there with a hammer or an axe tearing something apart.  Recently I’ve been going through an Art Deco love affair.  I found some beautiful vintage used Art Deco Candlesticks from a great second hand goods website.  

Art Deco Candlesticks

They’re absolutely beautiful but unfortunately they don’t fit too well with the overall pre-modernism theme that I have running through my house.  However, I am very much in love with them, and so much so that I have decided to once again re-decorate my house.  And this time I will do it by planning!  


I have already started the preliminary stages, and have thrown out and given away lots of my old bits and bobs which lie around, and invested in some solid but clean and streamlined modern furniture.   I have done this for many reasons but also because I’m not sure what I will choose next, and giving myself a nearer to blank canvas to start with.  Also I have to find someway of incorporating my Mums Oil Painting.


I have also been reading a lot into the history and beginnings of Art Deco.  I think it is always important to know more about a design period as and when you get interested in them  IT means that you’re more likely to design a house which fits together better and compliments other places, and less likely to get ripped off if you decided to go after any antique pieces.


Art Deco.


Art Deco is a style of design, architecture and visual arts that began in France just before World War 1.  It grew in popularity after the war, and during the 1920’s and 1930’s it influenced many different designs.  From architecture and the design on building, furniture, fashion and jewelry, all the way to vehicles, cars and trains, and everyday objects such as hoovers and household radios.  The Art Deco movement takes its name from the french nae Arts Décoratifs, which comes from an Exhibition held in France in 1925, Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes.  Although the term Arts Décoratifs had been used in France since 1858.  At the time that Art Deco was popular it was known for representing expense and luxury, glamour and magic, and faith in society and the upcoming technology.  One of the most interesting parts of Art Deco is that is not a single style but the combination of many different styles to form a new period.  It followed the Art Nouveau Period.


Art Deco and the New York skyline.


At the peak of the Art Deco period, Manhatten was emerging as an architectural hub for up and coming Art Deco Architects.  Some of the most famous Skyscrapers in the Manhattan Skyline come from this period.  New York's first skyscraper was completed in 1913.  The Woolworth building showcased the beginnings of Art Deco with neoclassical design, and was the tallest building of its time.   The second addition to the New York Skyline was with the American Telephone and Telegraph Building, which features columns and was completed in 1924. Completed in the same year, The American Radiator Building combined the more usual gothic features with Deco elements to complete the trio.  The next additions to the New York skyline are far more Iconic and memorable to this day.


The Chrysler Building, built in 1927 - 1930 has since become the iconic building showcasing Art Deco Architecture.  It stands seventy seven floors high and was adorned on top by a giant stainless steel spire and Art Deco style Gargoyles.  The next building was the Empire State building, and then the RCA (Comcast) Building which when viewed altogether would showcase the new New York Skyline, and build the basis of what we see today.


New York Skyline 1931


Art Deco in a modern room.


There are many different ways you can Art Deco touches to any room.  Art Deco style is known by its rich, decadent colours, its streamlined, bold geometric shapes and its keen eye for detailing.  It’s also great for updating a room and adding a stylish approach.  


Art Deco Modern Room


Another way to incorporate Art Deco into a room is by including only a few touches, and making sure that the room remains streamlined, and discrete.  And that the rich colourings and the elegant luxurious materials remain the focus.  This is a great way to liven up a traditionally modern room, and make it more fashionable and interesting.  


I hope you have found reading about the history of Art Deco as interesting and informative as I did.  And that it inspires you to read more about ARt Deco and maybe head out to find some great bargain pieces for yourselves.  


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