My recent taste for contemporary music has found me absolutely falling head over heels for a Canadian band called Arcade Fire. I have bought ALL of their albums and I find that so many of the songs on each album are absolute hits. The band is huge! Led by a French Canadian married couple, Regine Chessange and Win Butler, the band consists of 12 members. I started getting really into Arcade fire after I heard my daughter, Charlotte, playing their wonderful song ‘Wake Up’ on a recent trip home to visit her Mom. “This is glorious”, I said to Charlotte, “who is this?” Charlotte was ultimately embarrassed because she thinks I’m having some sort of mid life crisis and trying to behave younger than I really am. But I don’t know why a woman in her fifties can’t enjoy the same music as one in her twenties.  I recently heard about an Irish man who died, aged 90 something, who regularly went to dance music parties (or raves I think they call them) and to nightclubs in Ibiza. Good on him, I say! So I think my interest in an indie rock band is perfectly acceptable if I use this chap as my barometer.  Arcade fire have a very unique sound. The band is heavy on percussion and when combining this with the use of electric guitars, the effect is one of almost ethereal qualities.  As well as the superb lyrics and fantastic musicians within the band, I just love Regine Chessange’s voice. Her husband, Win Butler, provides the lead vocal on the majority of their songs, with Chessange being the backing vocalist. However, in more recent albums many of the songs utilize Chessange’s angelic voice for the lead. My favorite example of this is in the song ‘Sprawl Two’ in which Chessange provides a powerful, haunting vocal in an upbeat disco-esque song that is about the dissatisfaction of today’s youth. So many contrasts make up this ridiculously catchy, yet moving, song.